Sunday, May 31, 2009

If I had known it was THAT easy, I would have done it ages ago.

Man, what a crazy week. Thursday night instead of playing "Nightbane" like usual at Bobo's, we tried out he new game "Twilight 2013." The Pen & Paper game is an update to "Twilight 2000" that came out in 1984. We decided to play as mercenaries instead of starting out after the setting's nuclear apocalypse. I play as a Sam Fisher style Navy SEAL, and stealth as much as I can. It's the first game where I've felt like the combat rules don't hinder anything else you want to do, like stealth. There are SO many variables in combat, though. So far, so good.

Friday Travis and I decided to go back out to Bobo's and play some more "Twilight 2013," since we only got to create our characters the night before. On the way there I received a call from The guy who hit me a few weeks ago's insurance agency. They told me that the damages for a broken tail light lens and a dented bumper came out to $1,100. I started to freak, because I didn't think my car is worth that. Before I got one word out, though, she told me they were going to send out the check later this week. There was much rejoicing.

On the way home from Bobo's, a cop car followed me for 15 or so miles. Travis and I were freaking out, because of my busted tail light. We were nervously joking about how we can't go to Bob's anymore. Something bad always seems to happen afterwards. After a tense 10 minutes or so, the police car turned. Thank you Jebus!

Today's Saturday, and I decided to take a stab at seeing how difficult repair on my car would be. It's not. Not only did I figure out how to replace the entire light myself, I also was able to, for only a few dollars, fix my right turning signal that had burnt out 3 years ago. With my settlement money, I'm going to have to buy a replacement lens set. Total repair cost? $70. There was much rejoicing.

Tonight I'm going to leave you with this funny fan dub of "Naruto". Night all!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

WoW, what a douche!

World of WarcraftImage via Wikipedia

Just a quick quip about something that really irritates me. Earlier I was playing World of Warcraft, and killing in the barrens to get the Savory Deviant Delight recipe. A level 18 mage asked me to help him with a quest. I decided to help, since I had nothing better to do, and we left on his multi-tiered quest.

All was going well until we got to the final part, and he couldn't complete the quest. I suppose he was too low of a level. The guy hearthed back to Orgrimmar, and stopped talking to me! I spent an hour and a half escorting this bastard all around Azeroth, and he doesn't even say thanks.

This, my friends, is why people don't help other people. Man, that really steams me. Anyone else have any similar stories or pet peeves?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A quick post about Japanese music.

I was wondering last night as I watched Naruto on Hulu, why is Japanese music so damn cool? I always think to myself, "I'm done watching anime with long story arks and over the top protagonists." How can I possibly not get drawn back in every time I hear cool music like the original closing of Naruto, or the opening of Outlaw Star. The terrible, yet awesome, theme song of The Big O. A total ripoff of the "Flash" theme song by Queen. Anyone ever see Soul Eater? Great anime, even better music.

I'll leave you with this little diddy from the end of Naruto. Enjoy!

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Tiny bubbles...

Arg! I primered my second miniature the other day, and it blotched up really bad. I cleaned it off and re-primered it, and now there are bumps and bubbles all over it. Well, at least it was only $3 wasted. I did finish my first miniature, but it doesn't look the greatest due to the lining. Lining is a technique in which you draw a thin dark line where different surfaces meet. I guess my brush isn't as fine as the writer of the instructions, 'cause it looks terrible.

Anyway, did anyone do anything this weekend? I noticed that holidays aren't as much fun when you don't have a job or school to have off. Either way, at least I got my fishing and cooking skills up in WoW, and I got my miniature finished.

In other news, the appraiser showed up today. He said my car didn't look too bad for it's age. He took a few pictures and said that if it's 75% or more to totaled, I could take the total or a cash settlement. Yay!

I also sent out a game I sold on eBay today, and I HATE the local post office. They're always such a**holes, and they wouldn't even give me some tape for my package. I'm not going to pay $2 to tape my envelope. How stupid. Oh well, at least I don't have to deal with them all of the time.

Later, all!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bills, WoW, TV, and minis.

Dead Like Me cast photo showing reapers George...Image via Wikipedia

I hate not having money. It doesn't help that I don't get much to begin with, but when I do get paid, there is always another bill. Stupid cell phone and license plate stickers.

Not much else is going on in my neck of the woods, but I am coming close to finishing my first miniature. Word of advice, don't use a gray primer. The dang thing is so dark, I have to do tons of layers. I got back into World of Warcraft last week, and I'm starting to enjoy it again. When I logged on today, I had no cash, because of my mats for jewel crafting. Does anyone know if there are any dailies that can be done BEFORE 65? I need to figure out faster ways of making money. I guess that's the million dollar secret, though. :p

I also caught an episode of Dead Like Me on syndication today. I used to love that show. I wish they had something similar, but now they've also canceled Pushing Daisies. Does anyone have any recommendations? It seems like they're canceling all the good shows the year. At least Dollhouse and Trueblood were picked up for next season. If any of you want to know what shoes have and haven't been picked up next season, check out IGN's "What TV Shows Have Been Cancelled?" article.

One odd thing that happened, a bat flew into the house! I don't know where it came from, but it scared the crap out of me. This is the second time in only 3 years that winged animal has flown into my home. The last time was pretty funny, too. Lydia and I had just watched a zombie flick, so we locked and double checked all the doors and windows. You never know when the zombie apocalypse might happen. Well we wake up the next morning, and there's a 3 or 4 inch bird flying around the living room. That was back when we lived in our apartment to, so that thing was sealed tight. Weird.

Update on my poor car. The guy who hit my car's insurance agent called me the other day. The appraiser is coming out next week. She said that I can either choose to take the totaled offer, or keep the car. So I will know next week. Yay!

I'm going off to bed now, you all have a good night.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthdays and miniatures.

I spent the night hanging out with my girlfriend. Today was her birthday, so I bought takeout at a Chinese restaurant, and we watched most of "Last Chance Harvey." It's okay so far, but Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman make a weird couple.

Later, I got to mess around with my new miniature painting kit. One word: AWESOME! This morning I decided that the shoddy paint brush that comes with the kit wasn't good enough. It was made in Sri Lanka, for starters. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of selling you a miniature painting kit that comes with a paintbrush with the worst point in the world? After a trip to Michael's crafts store, I ended up leaving with two awesome new brushes, and 5 acrylic paints to boot. What would have cost me $35 at a gaming store, only cost $11! Painting these things is a blast, but the details are so small it gives you a headache. I'm starting out with a pewter nymph that came with the kit, instead of the bad ass druid I bought as my main. I've only done the first coat of the skin so far, but it looks amazing. To see it go from dull primer to having details, it's very exciting.

One last thing. I played the new Sims game, The Sims 3. It's really fun, think of the Sims 2 improved. If you get a chance to play it, please do. You can get it online now, but it's a hacked, leaked copy. I would wait until it comes out, it's worth a buy.

Sleep well, all!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lame. -.-'

I'm back from my Wednesday night game of Rifts. I had a lot of fun, except I'm a Mind Melter and can't take M.D.C. damage worth a crap. I nearly got killed twice. Oh well, I'm going to make a backup character for the next time I come close to death.

In other news, I went to my State Farm agent about the guy who hit my car last night. The good news is, since it's over $500 worth of damage, the guy could get legal ramifications if he doesn't handle the problem. The bad new is, if his insurance company deems $500-$1,500 is more then my car is worth, [it's a '91 Celica with 192,000 miles on it] I will no longer have a car. When my Dad's car got totaled, he waited 6 months for a check. Not to mention, I would LOVE to see a car I could buy for $1,500 in as good of running condition as mine. It makes me wonder if I should just drop the claim, and buy a new light cover off of eBay.

On the plus side of things, I got my gray primer for my miniatures that I'm painting. I'm really excited to start this new hobby, because all the minis you can buy nowadays are mass produced and painted so badly. I hope it's nice and simple once I get started, because I want to have the radist looking pewter druid on the block. :p

Well, have a nice night all.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a week!

Stop sign used in various countries. The shape...Image via Wikipedia

Did you ever have one of those days? Did you ever have one of those days all week!?

Thursday, coming home from Bobo's house, I got pulled over for "blowing a stop sign." Now, I may not have completely stopped, but I definitely hesitated and put on the breaks to at LEAST a California roll. I know the cop just wanted to see if I was drunk, but now I have to pay ANOTHER damn ticket.

So then Saturday rolls around, and I wake up with an earache. Totally unable to hear anything. That goes on until this morning when, after emptying the whole medicine cabinet, I finally clear it up.

Finally, tonight a guy rear ends my parked car and takes off. Thankfully the cop stopped him a few streets away. You can't get away with much in a small town, definitely one of the benefits. The guy was a complete jerk about hitting me, and worst of all, didn't even get a citation. I guess because he was on private property when it happened, and I wasn't in the car. I'm so frustrated over everything, I'm just in one of those "great, what's next?" moods.

Hopefully the weekend will look up. I'm supposed to go see a movie on Thursday, and I have a miniature painting kit to fool around with. Maybe I should just stop driving. lol

Anyone else have any horror stories that just make you ask, "why did I get up today?"

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My first post on Blogger. Yay me!

So thank you for visiting my corner of the interwebs.

If you managed to get here through the series of tubes and wires, please ground yourself before touching my stuff.

I will be posting here in an effort to increase my writing experience, and online presence. If you don't like what I write, go away. (No one's forcing you to read this!)

[Get on with it!]

Ah, yes. Welcome and enjoy. <(^-^<) ... (>^-^)> ... <( ^-^ )>

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