Friday, June 12, 2009

Felicia Day

Lately I've been following the super geek Felicia Day, and things have really blown up for her recently. If none of you are familiar with Ms. Day, she's most famous for writing and staring in the internet web-show "The Guild".

Last week Felicia also appeared at the keynote of Microsoft for E3. Announcing the appearance of Twitter and Facebook on Xbox Live this fall, she than got a hands on with "Project Natal".


I also stumbled on a fantastic photo shoot, where you get to see her act way more real than a celebrity should be.

Source: The Bui Brothers

If I haven't convinced you yet that Felicia Day is someone that you all should be following, know that she is also an avid player of World of Warcraft. Felicia said quite a few times, that "The Guild" stems from being obsessed with the wholly addicting, and wonderfully fun pastime.

Source: Hulu

If anyone wants to show your support for this web vixen, head on over to

You can also follow her on twitter, @feliciaday.

Later all!

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