Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will something go right? Please.

Today I got a call from the insurance agency that issued me a check, because their client hit my car. They informed me that the check that was made out to me was going to be canceled. Stating that the prior damages to my car were higher than the total value, and that the vehicle was totaled out before the new damage was applied. Now the claim is going to the division of the insurance agency that will give me a totaled amount, then take my car if I agree.

This is infuriating. Not only did the guy get off with no reprocutions, now his insurance agency is going to pay me half of what they initially did, because there is a crack in my window, and a cut in the fender. If I don't take the amount, I'm out the costs of repairs to get my car fixed.

The silver lining to this new development is that I might be able to keep my car, and still get a small amount of money. In an action called "retaining the salvage," I will get to keep my totaled vehicle by paying the insurance company the amount the salvage yard would have. It was their client's fault, and my car which was legal before, is not now.

I have a sneaking suspicion I am barely going to end up with enough to fix my tail light, and that doesn't even include the dent. What a crock!

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