Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian.

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Tonight marked the beginning of a new era of late night. Conan O'Brien took over "The Tonight Show", handed down by Jay Leno. It's great to Conan get recognized, and he's one of my favorite comedians out there. I just wished, however, his landmark first episode could have been better.

With the new time slot and established audience, Conan comes into a demographic that is new to him. That demographic is everyone. He even admitted in a few interviews that he would have to change his material to be more mature, and better suit the audience. Though we all hoped he would do it without sacrificing his signature brand of comedy.

The show wasn't terrible by any means, but it seams as though he's back to the awkwardness that was present when he took over "Late Night" from David Letterman. There were some painfully bad jokes in a few skits, and the ones that were in Conan's normal style, were missed completely by the audience. That coupled with Andy Richter's strange casting at Conan's announcer, started the show with a mediocre shrug rater than the excellent roar of comedy it should have been.

We can all look to the future, however, as Conan's great adaptability is bound to get him to the late night throne of power he rightfully deserves. I mean, at least it wasn't as bad as Jimmy Fallon's interview with Robert De Niro on his first episode of "Late Night." Yeesh.

Hopefully NBC doesn't pull the plug on O'Brien before he gets his chance to shine. In the now rocky world of show cancellation frenzy, they've kept far worse shows on the air. At least we know "The Tonight Show" will get better, what was the new "Knight Rider's" excuse for being on for so long?

Check out the show on Hulu.

I leave you with my favorite Conan moment. Enjoy!

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