Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lame. -.-'

I'm back from my Wednesday night game of Rifts. I had a lot of fun, except I'm a Mind Melter and can't take M.D.C. damage worth a crap. I nearly got killed twice. Oh well, I'm going to make a backup character for the next time I come close to death.

In other news, I went to my State Farm agent about the guy who hit my car last night. The good news is, since it's over $500 worth of damage, the guy could get legal ramifications if he doesn't handle the problem. The bad new is, if his insurance company deems $500-$1,500 is more then my car is worth, [it's a '91 Celica with 192,000 miles on it] I will no longer have a car. When my Dad's car got totaled, he waited 6 months for a check. Not to mention, I would LOVE to see a car I could buy for $1,500 in as good of running condition as mine. It makes me wonder if I should just drop the claim, and buy a new light cover off of eBay.

On the plus side of things, I got my gray primer for my miniatures that I'm painting. I'm really excited to start this new hobby, because all the minis you can buy nowadays are mass produced and painted so badly. I hope it's nice and simple once I get started, because I want to have the radist looking pewter druid on the block. :p

Well, have a nice night all.

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