Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthdays and miniatures.

I spent the night hanging out with my girlfriend. Today was her birthday, so I bought takeout at a Chinese restaurant, and we watched most of "Last Chance Harvey." It's okay so far, but Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman make a weird couple.

Later, I got to mess around with my new miniature painting kit. One word: AWESOME! This morning I decided that the shoddy paint brush that comes with the kit wasn't good enough. It was made in Sri Lanka, for starters. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of selling you a miniature painting kit that comes with a paintbrush with the worst point in the world? After a trip to Michael's crafts store, I ended up leaving with two awesome new brushes, and 5 acrylic paints to boot. What would have cost me $35 at a gaming store, only cost $11! Painting these things is a blast, but the details are so small it gives you a headache. I'm starting out with a pewter nymph that came with the kit, instead of the bad ass druid I bought as my main. I've only done the first coat of the skin so far, but it looks amazing. To see it go from dull primer to having details, it's very exciting.

One last thing. I played the new Sims game, The Sims 3. It's really fun, think of the Sims 2 improved. If you get a chance to play it, please do. You can get it online now, but it's a hacked, leaked copy. I would wait until it comes out, it's worth a buy.

Sleep well, all!

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