Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a week!

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Did you ever have one of those days? Did you ever have one of those days all week!?

Thursday, coming home from Bobo's house, I got pulled over for "blowing a stop sign." Now, I may not have completely stopped, but I definitely hesitated and put on the breaks to at LEAST a California roll. I know the cop just wanted to see if I was drunk, but now I have to pay ANOTHER damn ticket.

So then Saturday rolls around, and I wake up with an earache. Totally unable to hear anything. That goes on until this morning when, after emptying the whole medicine cabinet, I finally clear it up.

Finally, tonight a guy rear ends my parked car and takes off. Thankfully the cop stopped him a few streets away. You can't get away with much in a small town, definitely one of the benefits. The guy was a complete jerk about hitting me, and worst of all, didn't even get a citation. I guess because he was on private property when it happened, and I wasn't in the car. I'm so frustrated over everything, I'm just in one of those "great, what's next?" moods.

Hopefully the weekend will look up. I'm supposed to go see a movie on Thursday, and I have a miniature painting kit to fool around with. Maybe I should just stop driving. lol

Anyone else have any horror stories that just make you ask, "why did I get up today?"

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